"Prey (2010/IFC Films)" Review

Synopsis: One night, several deer hurl themselves unexpectedly against the electric fence of a farm. Seeing deep signs of biting on the animals’ bodies, the farm owners realise that a predator is roaming about the neighbouring woods. Having determined to hunt it down, the farmer and his family penetrate deep into the surrounding forest. They look with bewilderment at the dying environment ravaged by a mysterious evil force. As the sun slowly sinks away, howling resounds through the forest. The hunters have become prey...

 Review: Oh yes we have another "nature getting revenge" type of film on our hands and one could only wonder what animal did we piss off this time around?, well in this case we have majorly pissed off and mutated a wild pig! Really when it comes to films that are in this horror sub genre they usually really suck like most of the films in the "Maneater Series" or they are awesome and they are films like Jaws(1975) or Prophecy(1979). To me this one to me falls in the middle.
First I will start off with the good and then I will make my way to the bad. Some of the stuff that this film had going for itself was that they used all practical effects as well as that this film did not drag on for 2 hours and bore me to death, instead it comes in at 79 minutes total including credits. Also this film seldom lets up on the tension which makes for an exciting film and left myself on the edge of my seat all the way through. With just those simple things going for it made it a truly fun and entertaining film. Now for bad, well there is not alot that I didn't like about the film but the things that I didn't like almost killed the film for me.
Basically it comes down to 2 things, the characters and their development and the darkness of this film. The thing that I didn't like about the characters is that they are in alot of way generic, you have the typical good guy trying to protect the love of his life and his unborn child from the typical prick bad guy who is trying to cover up the wrongs that the company he works for has done to the environment. Which basically produces some drama added into this thrill ride. Now as far as the lighting in this film goes you get very very dark night scenes that take away from alot of the detail of the deaths and overall look of the beast, now even though it was quite dark one thing good did come out of it in the way of a creepy atmosphere that keeps you wondering when the thing in the dark will strike and what it looks like, kinda like what they did with Jaws and even Alien.
Overall this was a great thrill ride of a creature feature and does deserve at least one viewing!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Antoine Blossier
Genre: Horror/Thriller
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 79 mins.
Company: IFC Films
Website: www.ifcfilms.com