"From Dusk Till Dawn (1996/Blu-ray) (Echo Bridge Ent.)" Review

Synopsis: After a string of robberies that left a river of blood in the Geckos' wake, the sadistic siblings head to Mexico to live the good life. To get over the border, they kidnap Jacob Fuller, a widowed preacher played by Harvey Keitel, and his two children, Kate (Juliette Lewis) and Scott (Ernest Liu). Once south of the border, the quintet park their RV at a rough-and-tumble trucker bar called The Titty Twister, where Seth and Richie are supposed to meet a local thug. After a couple of drinks, they realize that they're not in a typical bar, as the entire place begins to teem with vicious, blood-sucking vampires. With the odds stacked greatly against them, the Fullers and Geckos team together in hopes of defeating the creatures of the night.

Review: At long last one of the coolest vampire films to hit the big screen in the 90's has finally been released on blu-ray( in the US) and now for most of you readers one question comes to mind, is it worth the upgrade from your older 2 DVD set put out by Miramax in 2000. Well my answer is yes and no. When it comes to the look of the film for the most part alot of the scenes look pretty good especially the ones that take place mainly in the bar, which of course is a good part of the film. The only times that I thought that the picture didn't look quite as good as they could of was in the beginning when the Gecko Brothers are in the gas station and some of the shots in the camper. Now the biggest gripe that most people will have with this BR release is the print damage that is quite noticeable throughout the film. The audio is a step up from what some of these releases from Echo Bridge have been getting, what you get instead of a 2.0 stereo mix you get an 5.1 DTS Surround mix.
Now as far as my opinion on the film, I fucking love it and have ever since I saw it for the first time back in 1996. It's loaded with a great mixture of horror, gore, violence, action, and some humor to balance the film out. The cast is quite amazing, you have such a broad range of talent. You get exploitation star Fred"The Hammer"Williamson (The Inglorious Bastards), bad lieutenant himself Harvey Keitel, George Clooney (ER), Cheech Marin (Cheech & Chong Films), Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) and last but not least Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction).
 Overall I can recommend this upgrade but only to fans of the film and also if you own the 2 DVD set that includes the all the special features and Full Tilt Boogie then hold onto that set because this Blu-ray is sadly bare bones!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Genre: Horror/Action
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 1996
Time Length: 108 mins.
Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Website: www.echobridgehe.com