"Late Bloomer (2004)" Review

Synopsis: Sumida, a young man confined to a wheelchair, drinks his life away in alcoholic splendor with his friend, Take. He is unable to speak, except through an electronic voice box. He is the object of pity among his friends and disgusting to those who don t know him. When a young girl temporarily becomes his caregiver to fulfill a school assignment, he mistakes her harmless flirtation for love. Her rejection of him sends him on a downward spiral of anger and revenge.

Review: To start off I must say that this movie is exactly like Asian music, and what I mean by that is it's not afraid to do something different and go beyond the normal stereotypes. The main character Sumida-san is seriously the most original killers that I have or you will ever see in a horror film. On my first watch I must admit seeing a physically disabled character like Sumida was a little hard to watch at times first but on my second viewing I seen myself connecting with him alot more.
 Now lets get to the kill scenes shall we, well the first time he kills is because he becomes very upset that his closest friend is basically taking his crush and he decides to drug him and gets him to take a bath and his friend ends up drowning and in my eyes it seems like he got a taste for blood at that point because from there he kills a few random people to for no reason but to kill. The other deaths in the movie are pretty basic but overall pretty effective. The music on this film is some really great hardcore punk with some pretty cool industrial music by the band "WORLD'S END GIRLFRIEND" added in, that kinda reminds me of the music from the movie "Tetsuo:The Iron Man" but more contemporary.
 Overall this is a very original movie that crushes the boundaries and takes you into new territory were few films dare to tread! If you want something more original then your average horror movie then you better pick this one up!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Go Shibata
Released By: Tide Point Pictures/Bone House Asia
Year: 2009
Genre: Experimental Horror
Website: www.bonehouseasia.com
Time Length: 83 mins.