"Shadow (2009)" Review

Review: This is one of those movies where I am going to try my hardest in not telling off any spoilers or things that will give away any of the plot. Basically this film follows Jake who is a soldier who is fresh out of combat and on a trip to go mountain biking in a place he hear of from a friend and along the way he stops off at a pub and ends up meeting a girl who is biking also. After meeting her they both have a run in with a couple of hunters and from there and then all hell breaks loose and next thing you know it Jake and the 2 hunters are strapped down to table and at the will of a diabolical mountain dweller.

From the start I thought this film was going to be a kinda typical backwoods thriller and or gore fest with a weak plot and not much else than that, but honestly as the film progressed I found myself getting pulled more and more into the movie where in ways it felt like I was right next to Jake as he struggles to survive. The plot twists and overall story was excellent and really does pull you in and doesn't let you go until the very end at that point I was so disoriented I had to collect my thoughts on what just happened.

Now as far as the characters go you really only truly get to know Jake and honestly you still don't get to know too much about him besides a little of his past, but that didn't take away at all from when it came down to me hoping he would make it out alive. Now as far as the other characters go well they do exactly what they need to in the way of being that extra filler to help add to the story. When it comes down to the evil mountain dweller that has captured them, well he has a shade of mystery around him because you don't learn anything about him and really that helped make him that much scarier.

There is some gore effects that for the most part are done practically, but they do mix in some CGI when necessary. Overall this was a great thrill ride that had a perfect balance of horror and suspense to round this film off just perfectly!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Federico Zampaglione
Genre: Horror/Thriller
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 78 mins.
Company: IFC Films
Website: www.ifcfilms.com