"Kids In The Hall: The Complete Series (1989-1995)" Review

Review: When I saw this show originally so many years back I really enjoyed watching it along the side of other skit driven shows. I must admit that there was alot of the humor in the show that went over my head at the time,but a few years back I finally got to see the first season all over again and now I get all of humor and great satire that this show had. Unlike the other shows that were like this one Kids In The Hall had the same cast from the very start until the final episode. In this set you get all 5 seasons plus their new series called "Death Comes To Town" which I will review in  a separate review.

 There was alot of very memorable skits and characters that have stuck with me throughout all these years. Some of my favorites are the "30 Helens Agree", "Head Crusher", "Cabbage Head", and the gay socialite Buddy Cole to name a few. Those that I named appeared throughout the series and have always made me laugh no matter how many times I see them. Oddly enough one of my absolute favorite skits from them was "The Eradicator" which was about a man that wears a ski mask (played by Bruce McCulloch) and plays against people in "squash" and acts like a somewhat villain/hero, basically he is a goofy character who in the long run is bad at the sport in which he plays.
Now this set has been released before, but honestly I think this newer set is more well put together and you have all the discs for each season in 1 DVD case instead of them putting all 4 discs for a season in individual thin DVD cases. Also you get their new series (Death Comes To Town) like I stated before, now if they could of been able to release this set also with the "Brain Candy" film as well as the not so good live DVD "Kids In The Hall: Tour of Duty" then it could of helped make it a complete everything Kids In The Hall set. None the less this is still an awesome set that I couldn't recommend more to fans of this show as well as to anyone who has never seen it but is into sketch comedy like SNL & SCTV. Also I must note that you get a ton of special features along with each season which makes this set that much more awesome!
Overall I say just go pre-order or buy this set and when you get it in the mail or get back home with it just sit back and enjoy the laughs and mayhem that is Kids In The Hall!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee
Director: N/A
Genre: TV/Sketch Comedy
DVD Release Year: 2011
TV Years: 1989-1995 (USA)/1988-1994(Canada)
Approx. Time Length: 45 Hrs. 1 min.
Company: A&E/New Video
Website: www.aetv.com