"Sharktopus (2010)" Review

Review: What do you get when you crossbreed Mega Shark and Giant Octopus?....Well you get Sharktopus! Just from the title you would probably think that The Asylum had something to do with this film and if you thought that you would be wrong, instead you get the king of no-budget film Roger Corman and his wife Julia Corman producing this one!

The basic plot of this film is that you have a scientist by the name of Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) who made a hybrid shark/octopus that he named S-11. When him and his group of scientists take S-11 out to test and when their system fails S-11 gets away and begins to terrorize the locals on the beach side which forces Nathan to recruit a former colleague to help hunt down the Sharktopus before the secret of him gets out.

I knew going into this film I was not going to get something that is amazing, but I did get what I was expecting and that is an over-the-top sci-fi film that was a blast to watch! Normally the films that they show on SyFy are really bad and not easy to get through because they are either too boring or just so bad they are unwatchable. This one though was alot of fun, the acting was a mixture of very bad and average, the bad characters of the film where a reporter and the recruited former colleague Andy Flynn (Kerem Bursin), both of them just got annoying after a short bit of listening to them. Now on the bright side you do get some good acting from Eric Roberts who plays Nathan Sands and also Hector Jimenez (Bones) who co-starred on Nacho Libre.

Now as far as the CGI goes and the gore, well this is another thing that in some ways is split  because for the most part the Sharktopus looks bad but there are a couple of shots where it doesn't look so bad and those shots are more towards the end of the film where they are in a shadier location. Now there is some decent gore especially when the blood flies at the screen and sticks several times throughout, but then you get the really bad parts where they have CGI tentacles impaling people and it look so fake that it would of been better to of showed the impaling kinda off camera. Really besides the 2 really bad actors in this film I would probably of changed it from having nothing but CGI monster and killing in the film with a mixture of CGI and old school practical effects that work no matter how bad they look or are done. The cherry on top of this film is the audio commentary by Roger & Julie Corman!!!

Overall this was a pretty fun film that I can definitely say that I will be watching over and over! I recommend this strictly to fans of cheesy b-movies and fans of films that are made and shown on the SyFy channel!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Declan O'Brien
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Creature Feature
DVD Release Year: 2011
TV Play Year: 2010
Time Length: 89 mins.
Company: Anchor Bay/ New Horizon
Website: www.anchorbayentertainment.com