"Magic (1978/Blu-Ray)" Review

Synopsis: After bombing in his first solo performance, a magician's assistant (Hopkins) holes up with a ventriloquist's dummy named Fats and eventually hones his act into something spectacular. But when Fats starts talking back, his master's at his mercy. 

Review: Anthony Hopkins has always been one of those actors that I either have loved his work or I just didn't care for it and when it comes to this film that he did back in 1978, well I think it rivals any of his best roles as being the best role he has ever done. Anthony Hopkins really does well at creating characters that are very unique as well as quite believable and what he does in "Magic" is simply amazing. Corky is a very complex individual that can easily shift from a somewhat timid guy into a uncontrollable madman in the blink of an eye and Anthony Hopkins was the perfect selection for the role. Aside from Anthony Hopkins there is some other great talent as well. Burgess Meredith plays Ben Greene who is Corky's manager who quickly finds out that there is something wrong with Corky and is determined to stop him before he causes any harm. Also you get Ann Margret who plays Peggy Ann Snow which is Corky's old flame from years ago. The cast in this film is amazing as well as very well put together and they each seem to click together perfectly as you begin to spiral down into the madness know as Magic.

Now when it comes to the story they hit the nail perfectly on the head. I can't compare this to any other of the older films that dealt with dummies, but I can say that of all the dummies I have seen this one has to be the creepiest one of them all. Fats looks so lifelike and has some of the creepiest expressions that honestly sent chills down my spine in a few scenes. When it comes to the overall story I really liked it because it took suspense and added in a love story to help balance it out perfectly and make you get into the characters before they throw you into the chaos that Corky and Fats unleash. Overall this is one of the best suspense film of it's time and in my eyes is Anthony Hopkins best performance of his career and I highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good thrill ride.

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Richard Attenborough
Genre: Suspense/Horror
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 1978
Time Length: 107 mins.
Company:Dark Sky Films
Website: www.darkskyfilms.com