"Surviving The Holidays With Lewis Black (2009)" Review

Review: Just in time for the holidays comes this DVD that gives you tips on how to get through the holidays in one piece and also with your sanity. You'd wonder who else gives you advice besides the hilarious Lewis Black, well you get some fantastically funny  advice from an array of comedians, authors, and historians. First they start out with Thanksgiving and making there way through the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then of course after that we finally end at New Years. Also they do delve into Chanukah and Kwanzaa and what they are about and where their origins are from. Personally the New Years part was boring, but they did bring up alot of points about that day like the simple question of "why do we celebrate new years?". Other than the New Years part I thought the rest was done quite well and were very funny. Alot of the advice is common knowledge for the most part, but told in very funny ways. Other than the advice there is some great information on the history of each holiday and they have the other advice givers tell what they think about how each of the holidays came about. Oh wait there is one other thing I did not like so much about this program and that is that you will see a person say something and then when you finally reach the part where they had taken that scene from  you hear the same thing over again, which it could be due to if it was shown on TV and how those programs get edited. Other than that this is a very funny and very well made look at the holiday season. Overall this is a fun DVD that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to see the holiday season in a more fun light!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Adam Dubin
Genre: History/Educational/Comedy
DVD Release Year: 2010
TV Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 94 mins. + Extras
Company: History Channel/ A&E Home Video