"Subterranean Fecal Root - Anthems Of The Antisocial Underground" Review

Review: Subterranean Fecal Root is fucking crazy. That is the ONLY way to sum up the sound of this odd grindcore-ish 3 piece from Texas. The distortion is cranked to the max and the lyrics, well I'll just give you a sample "I've got hairy balls, YEAH I'M A MAN! I've got a hairy ass, YEAH I'M A MAN! I gotta big fat beer belly, YES I'M A MAN, and I fucking hate you!". While most likely, none of these things sound attractive to you this album really works. It all works because of one thing, and that one thing is the overwhelming amount of aggression that is very clear when listening. Call it powerviolence or grind or polka it doesn't matter, if you want something that sounds pissed off but doesn't take itself too seriously Anthems Of the Antisocial Underground is the place to go. So go ahead and check this out, most people will just be extremely disgusted by this and those of you that wouldn't be probably already have this. As it is tagged on last.fm this is shitgrind at it's finest. While to some this may seem to be completely worthless in terms of musical intelligence you can't deny that they do give some good life tips "If your addicted to crack, USE A FUCKING CONDOM!!!" 

-Sadistic Shawn