"Secrets of Sex (aka Bizarre) (1969)" Review

Synopsis: Journey into the mind of the undead, as a talking mummy guides us on grand tour of the timeless “battle of the sexes” between man and woman.

Review: This is another one of those rare films that comes into my possession to review and it leaves me with a loss of words after viewing it because honestly I don't exactly know if I liked or hated it ,but I do know one thing it is a very unique film with a very odd tone to it. Basically this film goes like an anthology and shows different scenarios about the never ending struggle between men and women ,but in very odd ways. If you look at the cover for the older release from Synapse (Bizarre) you'd think this film was a horror film ,but this newer release truly has a cover that suits it better and really lets you know it belongs more in the sexploitation genre. I really found this film to also have an arthouse feel and it seemed more like something Andy Warhol would of had something to do with because there is alot of bizarre things going on that are mixed with an overwhelming sexual tone. I have to say I honestly found this film to be boring ,but that could simply be because I am not as much into films like this ,but I can recommend this to you if you are into films that are a little more artsy. Overall this is the oddest films I have seen in a long time and would recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a truly bizarre film!

-Daniel Damnation

Director:Anthony Balch
Genre: Sexploitation
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 1969
Time Length: 92 mins.
Company: Synapse Films