"Puppet Master (1989) (Blu-Ray)" Review

Synopsis: In this tense horror outing Toulon, a puppet maker, discovers an ancient Egyptian potion and uses it to bring his creations to life. Unfortunately, he is a rather twisted fellow and his puppets become murderous little demons who escape. Distraught, the master takes his life. Years later, psychics tune into the existence of the monstrous marionettes and set off to stop them.

Review: Finally after 21 years this cult classic film has been properly released in it's original 16x9 widescreen format  and in beautiful high definition! I have been a fan of this film since I watched it when I was around 8 years old and my grandfather showed it to me for the first time. With such a cult status most of you reading this review probably have already seen this film so I won't dive into the actual film itself too much. Having seen all the Puppet Master film including the horrible "Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys" I can say that I do like some of the sequels more than the original and that's mainly due to the added characters and the stories/plots of them. Lets face it when it comes to this film and it's sequels the stars of the show are the puppets and not so much the humans. I personally found the actors in this film to be nothing too spectacular and at times kinda bland, but that is not to say that they don't fit well as their characters that they play in this film. Now the puppets they are just bad ass all around and there is not one of them I did not like, and for most their favorite always seems to be Blade, but I personally love Tunneler a little bit more than blade mainly due to the morbid damage he can truly do. Now when it comes to the story I have to say that it's not too bad even though at times I found it to be a little too slow paced at times and I think that the puppets should of been in more scenes, but other than that it works just fine. Finally we get to the picture and audio quality of this Blu-Ray release, well to me this film has never looked better. The quality of the picture is a million percent better than the older DVD release that was in the 1:33.1 Fullscreen format with a not so great picture. There are some specs of dust and debris here and there, but trust me it does not affect the picture quality one bit. The HD picture quality is right up there with all the other big film titles that you could buy on blu-ray and in some cases better than most you will find. The sound quality is also way better than the original release as well and is in a 5.1 surround sound mix that is crystal clear. Overall if you are a fan of this film or someone that is finally getting a chance to see this film then I say spend out the couple extra bucks and go for the Blu-Ray! Now hopefully they will be able to release the rest of the series on Blu-Ray!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: David Schmoeller
Genre: Horror
Blu-Ray/DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 1989
Time Length: 83 mins. + Extras
Company: Full Moon Features