"Hatchet (2006) (Blu-Ray)" Review

Synopsis: When a group of New Orleans tourists take a cheesy haunted swamp tour, they slam face-first into the local legend of deformed madman Victor Crowley.

Review: This film is the debut film for director Adam Green and he goes back to the 80's slasher film and adds a little bit of modern style to the mix. First off I am going to say that if you are going to watch this film please do me a favor and don't go in it expecting the best slasher film ever made because it's not, but it is a fun ride that is worth the watch. There is all the typical elements here, you have plenty of vulnerable people treading into a place they shouldn't be, a killer that has a tormented past, and best of all some of the best gore effects to come out of a horror film in a long time. Now the let me break down the things I listed. The group of people who end up going on the trip are comprised of a not too wise older couple, 2 dumb girls flashing their tits every few minutes who are with a guy who says he makes girls gone wild type of videos, a pair of friends, a wannabe tour guide, and lastly a strong female type of woman. All of these characters are pretty standard and don't really standout too much ,but are memorable. When it comes to the killer with the tormented past which goes by the name Victor Crowley he is pretty bad ass and reminds me in ways of  Madman Marz from the film "Madman" and he has a pretty basic story which you will have to watch the movie to find out about. Now for the gore, well it's just plain awesome. One of my favorite gore shots is when Victor Crowley grabs this one woman by the top jaw and bottom jaw and rips her head in half. There is a ton more gore than that but i won't ruin it for everyone who has not seen it. To top it off this film looks awesome on Blu-Ray and is well worth the purchase at any cost. Overall this is a good throwback slasher film that will fill your mind full of gore and violence and satisfy the slasher fan in all of us!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Adam Green
Genre: Horror/Slasher
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2006
Time Length: 84 mins.
Company: Anchor Bay/Starz Films