"Rosarigasinos (2001)" Review

Synopsis: A lot can change in 30 years. Just ask thieves Tito (Federico Luppi) and Castor (Ulises Dumont), who after three decades behind bars are finding that life on the outside is not exactly as they expected -- starting with the missing loot they stashed before their lockup. With their money gone and with it their trust in their old gang, the ex-partners in crime start scheming ways to get back what they lost.

Review: At first when I heard about this film I was expecting it to be more serious film than what it actually turned out to be, instead you actually get is more of a dark comedy that plays out very well. Now this film won't necessarily have your side splitting with laughter ,but you will get some seriously funny moments wound up with the occasional somewhat darker more serious scenes. Now the cast of this film is all new to me because I honestly have never seen any of these actors before in any other films, but I really do think they pulled off each one of their characters quite well and I thought they delivered the comedy flawlessly along the side of the more serious parts. One thing that really stuck out in this film that I liked is when they show the 2 main characters in a scene and then they would cut to someone else that at one point they had either worked for or knew and that person would always have something to say about them weather it was good or bad and I thought that really helped the film have a fresh feel to it. Overall this is a great film that I think anyone who loves a good dark comedy will truly enjoy.

 -Daniel Damnation

Director: Rodrigo Grande
Genre: Dark Comedy
DVD Release Year: 2009
Theatrical Release Year: 2001
Time Length: 88 mins.
Company: Synapse Films