"Heavy Mental (2009)" Review

Synopsis: When he discovers that his guitar is possessed by the spirit of slain rock god Eddie Lee Stryker (writer-director Mike C. Hartman), headbanger Ace Spades (Josh Hooper) hits the streets of Detroit to help the restless soul get revenge on his killer: sexy underworld boss Mrs. Delicious (Brenna Roth). But when they uncover the gangster's plans to kill other rockers at a local concert, Stryker turns Ace into a heavy-metal monster to defeat her.

Review: At long last there is finally another Heavy Metal themed movie that follows in the tradition of such films as "Black Roses", "Rock N Roll Nightmare", and "Death Metal Zombies" to name a few. Like those other films stated the camp factor is turned way up on this one as well.  You can really tell that this film was made by a true fan of Troma's work because Heavy Mental has the look, the feel, and the budget (which is very little) of a Troma film. The acting is quite bad ,but it seems that the bad acting was intentional so it definitely works for this film. Now when it comes to the gore well you get really cheaply done decapitations, arm dismemberment, and disemboweling ,but I couldn't help but like it. You can tell that the director is kinda new at this because there is several spots where you can see the shadow of the camera and the shadow of the boom mic on the actors. It is definitely good to see the creation of a new heavy metal super hero and I really hope they continue on with another film and bring back this character. Overall this is a great film to sit back with a group of friends and drink some beers and have a good time watching!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Mike C. Hartman
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 100 mins.
Company: Troma Films
Website: www.Troma.com