"Stepfather 2 (1989)" Review

Synopsis: Terry O'Quinn returns in this sequel as the man who incorporates himself into one family after another and then butchers them for fun. Presumed dead, we was actually captured and sent to an institution, but escaped. Having established himself in a small town with a new identity, he finds the perfect candidate for a new family in Carol, a real estate agent, and her son Todd. Can someone stop him before he once again satisfies his bloody urges?

Review: Daddy's home and I am moving the fuck out! Like the previous film in the series Terry O'Quinn is back at it again and he is looking for the perfect family ,but like before everything is perfect until he lets the psycho in him out. I love the first film ,but honestly I found this one to catch and keep my attention alot more. Terry O'Quinn does a great job once again playing as the stepfather who has the wit of Hannibal Lecter mixed with the charmingly deranged personality like that of Ted Bundy. This film also has a great lineup of actors like Meg Foster, Caroline Williams, and Jonathan Brandis . Besides the actors what stood out for me also was the ending of the film, which I won't give off in this review ,but I can say that it makes it all worth the wait. This is one of those films where after you see the first one you wonder how the hell they could make a second one and really have a story that will make it work and I can say they really made it work for this film. Now I have to say that unfortunately with this one if you've seen the original than alot of the surprise will be gone for you when it comes to how the stepfather charecter is and what he is going to do. They did a great job with the transfer and sound on this DVD and they also give you plenty of bonus features which makes this an upgrade from the long out of print DVD copy that came out back in 2003. Overall I have to say that f you've seen the original and loved it then you will love this one as well and I highly suggest you go out and buy this DVD!!!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Jeff Burr
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2009
Theatrical Release Year: 1989
Time Length: 88 mins.
Company: Synapse Films