"Sick Girl (2009)" Review

Synopsis: Young Izzy (Leslie Andrews) is a girl with issues. Her parents may be dead. Her older brother is fighting in Iraq and she’s raising her younger brother, Kevin, all by herself. Things are tough but, with the help of her motorcycle-riding friend Barney, she deals with her situation the best she can. Unfortunately, Izzy isn’t exactly stable… and her way of dealing with life’s problems includes finding people to torture and kill in the barn near the family home! When a trio of bullies picks on her brother Kevin at school, all hell breaks loose. The two that die are the lucky ones…

Review: The cover of this DVD says "Say Hello to Izzy. Then Say Goodbye.", well when I see Izzy I am fucking running for my life before I ever say hello. From the start of this film you go on a twisted ride along the side of one sick bitch named Izzy. This film really lived up to all my expectations and then some, everything about this film I enjoyed. I thought the cast was perfectly picked all the way from the supporting cast to the lead actors, everyone played there roles very believably even in situations that are unbelievable. The overall look and feel of the film helped set the mood of the oncoming slaughter that was to be at the hands of Izzy. It may be my sick sense of humor but I found some parts to have some dark humor added into some of the scenes. It's interesting to watch how she balances her love for her family and her dark side that makes her commit depraved acts of torture and killing. If you are someone who cannot handle truly fucked up acts of torture and violence I say stay away because some of the violence pushes it to the edge. An added bonus to this film is that Stephan Geoffreys (from Fright Night) plays as Kevin's teacher. Overall this is a killer film that is one of the best serial killer films since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer!

-Daniel Damnation
Director: Eben McGarr
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2009
Theatrical Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 79 mins.
Company: Synapse Films