"SID! (2009)" Review

Review: This film documents the life and times of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols by the words of the people who really knew him. Each one of the people have their special view and stories about him and trust me you won't hear the same thing from everyone, which is good because it gives you an array of thoughts about the legend. This film was truly awesome and really gave me a better view of who Sid Vicious really was. They talk about all the different aspects of his life from his personality,music ability, his career with the Sex Pistols, and every other aspect. When I said about the views and stories being different about him one example I can give is when they talk about his music ability and some said he was good and some said he sucked and also when they talked about Nancy it was split and half said they didn't like her and the other half of course said the opposite. I personally see Sid Vicious who could of become an amazing musician if he had kept himself clean and got rid of Nancy because I believe that she did not help him progress as a musician and it seems that he started to crash and burn once she came into the picture. He very much lived a live fast die young life and that ended at the hands of a drug overdose. Overall this was a great film that will show you a side of the legendary Sid Vicious that most have never actually seen that is topped off with original music from Sid Vicious as the soundtrack!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Music/Documentary, Release Year: 2009(DVD), Company:MVD, Website: http://mvdb2b.com