"Satan's School For Girls (1973)" Review

Synopsis: A young woman investigates her sister's suicide by posing as a student at an all-girls school. She quickly learns that Fallbridge College for Girls is a front for a satanic cult.

Review: This film was originally made for TV in 1973 and was actually at the time a pretty good success when it aired. Since that time there has been a remake of this film that was also made for TV. Now when it comes down to this film it's one of those that has a pretty good cast and a decent plot ,but at the same time with a limited budget and limited potential of what they could do (due to it being a TV movie)this film came out to be a total cheese fest. I can say though this is one of the better made for TV horror movies of it's time that I have seen ,but does fall short if I compared it to "Duel" from 1971. Despite it's flaws I did still did end up enjoying the film for what it was. Overall if you want to have a good time with a group of friends then I say pick this one up and have very cheesy time!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Horror, Release Year: 2009(DVD), Company: Cheezy Flicks, Website: www.cheezyflicks.com