"One Step Beyond- Beyond Good and Evil" Review

Review: With Beyond Good and Evil One Step Beyond takes everything featured on their debut to the next level. This has just about anything you could ever want in an album. Upbeat tracks like "The Party" and "Everyday" make this album one hell of a fun listen while the more extreme tracks like "Foot High Tough Guy" and "Made For Cable" bring the pain. After hearing Life Intimidates Art I thought I knew what to expect from this album but the result is beyond my expectations. Towards the middle of the album the band gives you a break from their heavy style with the instrumental "Black Light Blue" which is a very mellow song that shows the band isn't just a one trick pony (but of course if you've heard the first album you are already aware). One thing that always stands out with this band is their ability to make each instrument equally important to the sound. The most noticeable example of this is the bass. Unlike most death metal bands the bass isn't just following the guitars lead or being drowned out in the mix but instead it is almost working as the backbone for each song and pumping out some really superb grooves. In terms of lyrics a lot of different subjects are touched on, ranging from problems with the music industry to a song that is based on the concept to the slasher classic "Maniac". Overall if you are looking for something with the extreme metal genre that is unlike anything you've ever heard before One Step Beyond is highly recommended. Also check out the kickass cover artwork, kind of reminds me of Flowers Of Flesh and Blood for some reason.

-Sadistic Shawn

Band: One Step Beyond, Genre: Metal, Year: 2010