"Inbred Redneck Vampires (2010)" Review

Review: What is there to say about a movie entitled Inbred Redneck Vampires. Not much, and that is why this review is going to be sort and sweet or not so sweet. TO be honest i didn't care for the film, i am all for the silly nonsensical films every once in awhile but this one was just to silly. The characters first off are all rednecks with the exception of one who is gay so all the characters are stereotypes which can be fun when the movie is done right, such as Bloody Ape or every 80's slasher movie, but this film is far to repetitive and seems to trail into other scenes for no reason, similar to this review. The main highlight of the film is the character Cletus who i believed was paid in beer along with some of the extras which is what i read, i can assume that Cletus was as well, considering throughout the movie he was chugging down beers like they were the sweat of God I'm sure he drank up his pay. Anyways Cletus is a loud, harsh voiced, sweaty, bearded, redneck midget with all the best lines, his companion Junior is also funny but can't hold a torch to Cletus. The special effects in this film are far and in between and when they do take place they seem to be shoddy effects that can be done on one's computer with the exception of a decent head crushing. This film makes a negative statement about the south go figure with a title like that lol, anyways it shows the redneck in there moronic ways end up killing themselves via tanning and garlic eating. There are some side plots of two woman battling it out for whose cooking is the best, but most of the film is either following Junior and Cletus getting drunk or the head baddie and her dim witted companion. All and all there are a few good belly laughs but not worth the duration of the film. If you are a fan of the film then the DVD includes commentary and a slew of other stuff so its worth the price.

-Guest Reviewer

Genre: Horror/Comedy, Release Year: 2010(DVD), Company: SRS Cinema/MVD, Website: www.srscinema.com