"Usurper- Cryptobeast" Review

Review: Usurper brings the pain with a brand of thrashing metal that will have your head banging. The band made a big change for this album by switching vocalists. The new vocalist brings a unique style to the table, his growl has a forceful hardcore sound that packs a serious punch. While the word hardcore being brought up in a thrash review might turn some off the style only adds to the aggression that slowly builds up as the album moves along. Pit inducing metal anthems are spread throughout the record, "Kill For Metal" features a chant that could get even the most uptight individual thrashing like a maniac. Speaking of thrash, did I mention the badass guitarwork? Well to keep things short let's just say you should probably slap on a neckbrace before hitting play. If you are looking for something to please your inner brute needs Usurper will be your cup of tea.

-Sadistic Shawn