"Coathanger Abortion- Dying Breed" Review

Review: When looking at Coathanger Abortion's history one could assume that this record was well thought out. The band formed in 2001 and shortly after released a four song demo in 2003. They then had just over six years to write and record this album. Given that huge gap I went into this expecting some well written thought out stuff, and after listening I can safely say that is exactly what I got. The band plays very punishing brutal death metal that puts the listener in their place. Excellent riffs are abundant and the transitions from one tempo to another are almost flawless. Coathanger Abortion clearly know how to handle their instruments, but they don't use their abilities to constantly show off instead they take this ability and write killer, brutal songs. The music approach reminds me of newer Cephalic Carnage sans the progressive moments, the vocalist also has a very similar growl. For those in need of brutal death metal with a well rounded sound Dying Breed is just what you need to get your fix.

-Sadistic Shawn