"Class of Nuke 'Em High (Blu-Ray)" Review

Synopsis: When Warren and Chrissy notice some strange things happening around their high school, they begin to suspect that something is going on at the nuclear plant next door. Though the plant officials deny that there are any problems, Crissy gives birth to a bloodthirsty mutant who immediately begins eating everyone in the school. Will Warren and Chrissy be able to stop their killer kid?

Review: From Tromaville come the official blu-ray release of Class of Nuke 'Em High and the real question is, is it worth the upgrade or should I stick with my 1997 DVD release? Well I can say that this one is worth the upgrade. This release is presented in a widescreen format unlike the older DVD and it does seem to look alot better and a little more cleaned up, but trust me it's not perfect. The only odd thing about this release is that from my research about Troma films is that they all were shot in fullscreen (1.33:1) (except Poultrygeist) so it leaves me to wonder if all they did is crop of some of the top and bottom even though I did do a comparison and didn't notice any difference. Other than the picture quality I have to say the sound does seem alot better and more clearer than the previous release. Now I will give a few thoughts on the film itself, basically this is one of the best Troma films ever made next to the original Toxic Avenger of course. This film has everything you'd expect from a Troma film including Gore, Violence, Satire, Boobs, Sex, and Mutants! Overall this is a good release from Troma of a great film that I would highly recommend to any fan of Troma!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Lloyd Kaufman, Released By: Troma, Year:2010(Blu-Ray), Genre:Horror/Satire, Website: troma.com Time Length:85 mins.