"Abstract Spirit- Tragedy and Weeds" Review

Review: Abstract Spirit is a funeral doom band from Russia. They play a very dreary and depressing style that is complemented by a superb use of dual vocals. The band features both members of the black metal group Twilight Is Mine. The keys on this album play almost as big a part as the guitar, they set the mood and give Tragedy and Weeds the downright gloomy atmosphere that is dominant in the sound. The guitar creeps along like a spider approaching an insect trapped in its well crafted web. The deep and droning melody that comes into play on "Funeral Waltz" gives the track a dense feel that makes it the highlight of the album. Many moments throughout the album are fairly memorable and even unforgettable at times. Even though the band doesn't do anything too groundbreaking on this record they do execute their sound with an amount of perfection that will please fans. Anyone who is a fan of the funeral doom genre should give Tragedy and Weeds a listen.

-Sadistic Shawn