"Engaged In Mutilating- Population: Zero" Review

Review: Engaged In Mutilating has a crushing tech-death sound. Riffs are served with complexity and vocal layering is used in surplus. While at times the band may get a little to wanky for their own good the positive moments outweigh the negative. The guitar tone is set perfect to the style and meshes well with the all out assault the rest of the members are churning out at great speeds. The drums pound on you like that of Leatherface's mallet and don't show any mercy until the album is over. Notice the mandatory tech-death bass break on "Engaged In Self Mutilating Behavior"? If you don't think that rules than you've probably already went deaf from the killer riffs that occupy most of Population: Zero. Overall if you're a fan of technical death metal than this band is one to look out for in the near future, let's just hope they get some attention before the population reaches zero.

-Sadistic Shawn