"Every Other Day Is Halloween" Review

Review: If you grew up watching shows like Monster Vision on TNT that was hosted by Joe Bob Briggs then you are familiar with horror movie hosts. Well this documentary is about one particular horror movie host/TV personality Dick Dyszel who played as Count Gore DeVol, Captain 20, and Bozo on channel 20 in the Washington D.C. area. Basically this film goes through the history of the 3 characters that he played and they do this with archive footage, fans he inspired, and also from none other than the man himself Dick Dyszel. Being a fan of horror films and watching horror hosts like Svengoolie I really had a great time watching this documentary. It really made me wish I could of grown up watching Count Gore De Vol because he had such a cool personality and hosted some of the greatest classic horror films. One of the most inspiring things I found in this film was the fact that through out all the years and even after being cancelled he still carried on and eventually came back without really missing a step. Even today he seems just as fun to watch as it would of been back in the 80's but now you access his show on the web at his own site(www.countgore.com). Overall this is a very cool documentary that will have some people reminiscing on their childhood and other people being open to the world of horror movie hosts!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:C.W. Prather, Released By: Brink DVD, Year:2010(DVD), Genre:Documentary/ Horror, Website: www.brinkdvd.com Time Length: 90 mins.