Beheaded Zombie-"Happiness For All" Review

Review: First off I must say that this is one of the oddest death metal bands that I have ever reviewed and the reason I say this is because of their own kinda twisted form of death metal and the artwork on this album. Well when it comes to their music they mix melodies (that you'd almost never hear the standard death metal band play) with some great technical metal riffs. At times I had myself wondering if this was all a joke, but then at the same time I was really digging their music and loving that it was something more unique and original. Now I can say that it will take some getting use to for any veteran metal fan like myself, but once you get into the music I really think you will dig it. This is one of those albums that is so hard to describe because of how unique it sounds and really the only way to get the full feeling of this bands sound is to listen to them and experience it on a more personal level. Overall this is a unique album from a unique band that I would like to see what else they can come up with. Highly recommended to any open-minded metal fan looking for something that has a fresh sound like no other.

-Daniel Damnation

Band: Beheaded Zombie, Album: Happiness For All, Label: Badmoodman Music, Year: 2009, Genre: Experimental/Death Metal