"Evilution" Review

Synopsis: A microscopic alien life form has been discovered with the ability to possess the living and resurrect the dead. The United States Army has tried to communicate with it but failed. Instead, the military has tried to create a genetically altered version of the alien in order to resurrect dead soldiers on the battlefield. The alien fights back, turning soldier against soldier. Young scientist Darren Hall kidnaps the last pure specimen of the alien, determined to the reverse the damage inflicted and learn the secrets of life. Hiding in a mysterious building named The Necropolitan, he continues his experiments. On one fateful night, the alien is set loose on the unsuspecting tenants resulting in a new evolution of apocalyptic horror as infected tenants attack the unsuspecting, turning them into a cannibal horde. Darren and a small group of survivors must now find a way to destroy the alien possessed before they can escape into the city and bring forth the end of the human race.

Review: In a horror world where new zombie films come out practically every week there is a lot of generic zombie films that really add no new twist to the zombie film genre. Here and there you can find a gem of a film and when it comes to Evilution this one is a true gem of a find. Now the twist this film brings to the genre is a more sci-fi type of twist, instead of it being a typical virus it is a virus that is a living alien who invades the body and takes it over. Although I am not the biggest fan of running zombies in this film it works just fine because they are more like the zombies from 28 Days Later in a way. When it comes to the main group of characters I really enjoy every single one of them even including the stereotypical army general in this film. There is a group of 3 gangsters that are quite entertaining and even made me laugh a few times. On that note there are some funny parts in this film but like most horror films with those parts it's mainly to ease the tension in the film and for the most part it works. Now my overall favorite character is the apartment manager who is also in the film Basement Jack, he is just a priceless character and I can't wait to see him in the 3rd film in this series of films. Overall this is a great film that really kept me entertained and is another film I know I will be able to watch over and over again. I give this film a strong 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Audio: 10/10
Video: 10/10

Special Features: Director's Commentary, Trailer (2 Min), Behind The Scenes (27 min)

Directed By:Chris Conlee, Released By: Brink DVD, Year:2009(DVD), Genre:Horror, Website: brinkdvd.com Time Length: 91 mins.