"Basement Jack" Review

Synopsis: After killing his mother Jack Riley(aka Basement Jack) is sentenced to 10 years in mental institution due to temporary insanity. He is let out after 10 years and now he is on killing spree where no one is safe from the blade of Basement Jack.

Review: When I first ever laid eyes on the trailer for this film I was captivated by it but at the same time I was skeptical if this movie could deliver the goods and give us a horror film worth remembering and with all honesty it did and with such great style and some feel for why Basement Jack is the way he is and shows the tormenting that his mother brought down on him throughout his life. Now when it came to the other characters I have to be honest and say I didn't feel as much of a connection while watching this with them and for the most part I was applauding for Jack instead of the victim. I really enjoyed the dark atmosphere of this film as well as the pacing, the pacing was very steady and didn't lag like you can find in some slasher films and the dark atmosphere really helped keep an unsettling feel as Jack drifts from to kill. I truly see this as a birth of a new horror icon as long as they don't do any supernatural bullshit like the Friday The 13th franchise did. Now when it comes to the killing and gore they did a great job as well especially with him only using a machete and normally I would bitch about cgi gore but honestly it didn't bother me because there is only a couple small hints of CGI, on top of that it's an independent film that only has so much to spend and sometimes it can be cheaper to do somethings in CGI. Overall this is a great slasher type horror film that will keep any fan of the genre pleased. There is only one more thing to say, "Long Live Basement Jack!"

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Michael Shelton, Released By: Music Video Distrobution, Year: 2009(DVD) Genre:Horror/Slasher, Website: www.mvdb2b.com Time Length: 93 mins.