Whorrid-"Time Heals Nothing" Review

Review: This is the 2nd full length release from these Chicago area death mongers! Since I heard this bands "Bitch Butchers" ep a few years back I wondered how each album thereafter would be like and after listening to this one a few times I can definitely see a progression in this bands sound that is what I will call more "mature" and not afraid to go outside the typical death metal sound at times throughout the album, but don't get me wrong they still have their tried and true old school death metal sound still there. The album consists of 9 tracks plus 1 bonus track which is an instrumental track that has an industrial metal sound. One of my favorite tracks on this whole album is their seventh song "Loving Memory" which really has a dark yet epic death metal sound that is so perfectly put together with some great lyrics. Now for the sound quality on this album album these guys did a great job once again, and honestly I have to make sure my stereo is turned down when I throw this album in because it has such thick and amazing sound and I don't want my speakers blown. Overall this is a great album from a band that I see on the rise and I truly hope more people find out about these guys because there is alot of metal heads missing out on this great band! I give this album a strong 5 out of 5! Horns High My Metal Brothers!

-Daniel Damnation

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