"Redneck Zombies(20th Anniversary Edition) Review

Synopsis: When a clan of hillbily dirtfarmers turn a misplaced barrell of chemical waste into a whiskey still, going blind is the least of their worries as the toxic moonshine turns them into REDNECK ZOMBIES! Now they're ready to invite a group of wayward yankees to a down-home feast of southern-fried gore and mayhem that will turn your stomach and tickle your funny bone! So grab a seat and set a spell with your favorite gut-chompin, tobacco chewin' cannibal kinfolk from hell in REDNECK ZOMBIES!

Review: With a title like Redneck Zombies what do you expect? Well I think I got exactly what I expected, plenty of over the top charecters, some bad acting, and a few Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired scenes that made me laugh my ass off. The chareters in this fil consist of a small family of 4 stereotypical redneck men, one of which who likes to go by the name of Elle May. You also have a group of campers/hikers who are your typical slasher movie campers and a mixture of a lonely redneck, a crazy looking and sounding tobacco seller, and a bumbling military soldier. The overall acting was amateur but worked well for this tromaesque type of movie along with the bad dialogue. The charecters to me are quite likable and will actually make you laugh and help you have fun with this movie. There is so many scenes in this movie that I oved but my overall favorite was the TCM homage scene where "elle may" picks up a hitchhiker and the hitchhiker acts like the hitchhiker from TCM and goes on about how he gives good shaves and freaks out and takes his picture and cuts "elle may's" arm with the razor and then gets thrown out of the truck. Overall this movie was great and I'd recommend this highly to any new fans to Troma type film or even the old school fans of Troma type films. On a final not I have to say that this is truly the best "shot on video" type of movie I have ever seen and I truly do mean that.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Pericles Lewnes, Released By: Troma Year: 1988(Theatrical) 2008(DVD) Genre: Horror/Comedy Website: Troma.com Time Length: 90 mins.