"Sole Survivor (1983)" Movie Review

Review: Sole Survivor reflects what happens when people in the early 80s sought out to make a film for the first time. Unlike today these people were aiming to make the best picture they could with the money they had, although there main intent was to make money like most film makers of the 21st century they did want to make a film that actually had shreds of aspects of film making soiled into it.
Sole Survivor is no different although a bit cheesy sometimes the film has a good quality of creepiness. Stale dialogue takes away from many of the scenes in the film, but this film is not driven by its characters, its driven by the plot. The film opens up with a burned up actresses who has a premonition of a plane crash killing everyone on board except one woman. The woman in the premonition is producing a commercial that she will be a major part of. Of course the plane crash is an actuality and you see the results in some gory detail. As the film progresses our Sole Survivor takes a liking to her doctor and vice versa. Our lead cant help but notice strange people appearing around her, a dripping wet girl for an example, and she can not only escape the strange people but a strange feeling, that her doctor calls Survivor Syndrome which brings and interesting take on the movie. The doctor also mentions that a good percent of the people who survive a catastrophic event die 24 months afterward. (Does this sound familiar to anyone, Final Destination) As it goes the burnt out actresses confronts our lead and lets her part of the story be known. The lead by now is shockingly aware of the people who have now started to attack her.
The most interesting part of the film is when the medical aspects come in to play, although the people who attacked her have been supposedly dead for nearly 48 hours seem to have been walking around on there feet due to the autopsy, which one character adamantly claims. By the end of the film there are a couple curve balls that leave you unsettled. The film is a bit slow but if you hang in there the last 15 minutes delivers the goods. Its not excessively gory and the acting could of been better. The dialogue is a bit stale but the story here is the main gripping point and its a good one. 6 out of 10.

-Darker Parker