"The Inglorious Bastards" DVD Review

Synopsis: Set in Europe during World War II, a group of American soldiers are in the process of being shipped off to military prison for a variety of infractions, ranging from desertion to murder. While they are being transported, a German air attack hits the convoy, killing most of the MPsand enabling five of the prisoners to escape.

The group decides their best bet is to head to neutral Switzerland, where they can avoid the fighting and prison. As they make their way to what they think will be freedom, they end up volunteering for a commando mission to steal the new prototype gyroscope for the Nazi V2 with help of the French Underground. Somehow the team must sneak onto the most heavily guarded train in German territory, steal the Nazis' most precious military hardware, and bring it back to the Allies without getting arrested again by their own side.

Review: To start off this review I must say I am very happy to be reviewing this film, and I must thank Severin Films for being the ones to release this classic for the first time ever in the US. To me this film really does the war/action genre amazing well and has some great action sequences that do the film justice. I loved all of the characters in the movie as well, they all have their own unique personalities. Personally I don't have a favorite but I really do love Fred Williamson's character alot with his "mr.badass" attitude. This movie is action packed and doesn't really let up too much but at times it does add a little humor into the film. To me it kinda has a dirty dozen meets animal house feel to the movie, mainly because of the added in humor and at times over the top characters. On top of everything Severin Films did a damn good job restoring this film, the picture even on this standard DVD release is amazing! Overall this is one of the coolest fucking war films I have or you will ever see, hands down! I give this movie a strong 10 out of 10!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Enzo G. Castellari Released By: Severin Films Year: 1978(Theatrical) 2008(DVD) Genre: War/Action Website: Severin-films.com Time Length: 99 mins.