"Townies (1999)" DVD Review

Synopsis: Welcome to Schlarb, Ohio…a small town overrun by misfits, freaks and weirdos! Dickie (Toby Radloff, KILLER NERD) is a lonely dumpster-diver who finds companionship in his latest discovery…a young woman's corpse! Pricey (Lori Scarlett, OZONE) is a mute girl with a lookalike baby-doll. When she loses her doll after an unsavory encounter, she replaces it with the next best thing — her neighbor's young son! Meanwhile, the enigmatic Caduceus sets out to cleanse a nasty high school girl of her wicked ways. Scenes to follow include necrophilia, marijuana-smoking lesbians, the sexual assault of a mentally-challenged girl and a dinner plate of skinned and cooked squirrels — not for the weak!

Review: What we have here is a movie that takes us once again into a depraved world of freaks, geeks, and weirdos. There is a great cast of odd people ranging from a mute girl who has obsession with a doll to a trash digger who finds a corpse and takes it home to make it his girlfriend. All the charectors seem pretty believable even with a kinda amateur cast. The look of the film kinda reminds me of something that would of been made in the very early 90's and it also has a "clerks" type of feel to it if you ask me, but a little more tongue and cheek. In ways it kinda reminds me of the movie "Gummo" but in a less documentery style. One of my favorite charectors in this film is this guy with a crippled leg who after getting beat up, stands up and kicks the guys who attacked hims ass but in a kinda odd way. Overall I would have to say if you are in the mood for a trashy or weird movie then this is the movie for you and trust me when I say trashy I mean it in a good way!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Wayne A. HaroldH Released By: Tempe Video Year: 1999 (DVD Release 2003) Genre: Odd Comedy Website: www.tempevideo.com Time Length: 71 mins.