"Fetus" DVD Review

Synopsis: Kevin is preparing for the arrival of his first born child when something goes terribly wrong and finds himself completely alone. He can not cope with the lose of his wife and baby and is driven by an uncontrollable need to bring her back by any means possible.

Review: This is the newest gore filled film from
Brian Paulin. This is my first time watching any of his films before but from the screen shots and the trailer I knew I was in for something truly awesome. I have to say that for it being labeled a "gore film" it truly has a unique and very well put together story. This film also takes you through some very brutal scenes and often at times through some very intensely disturbing scenes. Out of all the gore films I have seen I'd have to say this is one of my favorites, because it takes on a new level of extreme that is very well orchestrated. The gore in this film is done quite well throughout. One of my favorite scenes is when he fights off his living dead wife and she ends up in the tub and she's stabbing her pussy with a knife and a fetus head comes out on the end of the knife, no to mention while this is happening he pulls a bug out of the end of his dick! Overall I have to say that this is truly a great film for any gore hound and really shows that Brian knows what he is doing and that he knows how to make a damn good film!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Brian Paulin
Released By: Morbid Vision Films
Year: 2008
Genre: Horror/Gore
Website: www.morbidvisionfilms.com
Time Length: Around 75 mins