"Loose Change: Final Cut" Review

Since 9/11/01 I was confused to what really happened to the twin towers, but now I know now after I watched this documentary put out by Louder Than Words. I have seen a few documentaries about 9/11 and they are nowhere's near as informative as this documentary. These guys get really in depth and show you things that the government, president, and 9/11 commission would never want you to see. They show you how that the twin towers falling seemed more like a controlled demolition, and how the government made the EPA lie about how dangerous the air was down at ground zero. There is so much to this 2 hours and 9 minutes documentary to talk about in this review, but I do urge you to watch this documentary with open eyes and an open mind. I do warn you that this documentary may make you enraged at your government and may make you want to question the media and your government. Overall this is probably the best documentary I have ever seen and I truly believe everyone should see this and question your government!

-Daniel Damnation