Keith Parker's "Shadow People" (Director's Cut) Review

Review: This is the debut film from director Keith Parker that takes traditional horror and mixes in a new type of monster. The basic premise of this film is about a billionaire who makes a proposition to a man who owes him money and if the man does what he asks then his debt will be paid up. The billionaire asks the man to go to this house and film in this room all night and do a few other thing which little to his knowledge he is performing a ritual for the billionaire. He ends up unleashing the anchiant shadow people. Meanwhile the 4 youths end up having to go into the house and the shadow people hunt them down one by one. Well with that said I will get on with the review. This movie for being a low budget debut film is not bad in that respect, the special effects are not that bad and the story is pretty good, but the only bad thing about this movie is that there is a charecter named John which is played by Justin Kelly who really an extremely bad actor that really kills the scenes he's in. The overall cast are not the greatest actors but they still keep you wanting to watch the movie all the way through. And I must say that they did a great job with the set of the movie, considering they made it inside of their own house, it looks really good and acctually looks like it's own house. Overall I would say that this is a good movie that you should checkout if you love low budget independent horror films with original themes.

Special Features: Bloopers, Cast Auditions, Cast Interviews, 8 Deleted Scenes, Descent Into Darkness: The Making of Shadow People, Mr. Martel's Journal Drawings, "The Sphere of Shadows"-A comic by Justin Klemann, & Trailer.