Space Shiters "Grinding Dancers From Outa Space" Review

Well when I first got this in the mail all I could think is what the fuck is this. When I think of grind I think of bands like Napalm Death and Repulsion, well this band is nothing like either of those bands. These guys have a more electronic grind sound that is more humorous than serious. These guys are the “Big Dumb Face” of grindcore. Most of the songs are only about 30 seconds long and are very spastic sounding. I really don’t know what really to say about it besides that it is quite boring and lost my attention at about the 2nd track out of 26 tracks. If you want something humorous or to have for novelty purposes then pick it up, but if you want something that will keep your attention and play some serious grind then stick to Napalm Death, Regurgitate, and Cephalic Carnage. Overall very disappointing and lame.

-Daniel Damnation