Skinned "Spawn of Insanity" Review

Ready to plague your mind once again comes Skinned with their new release “Spawn of Insanity”. When I first even looked at this album all I could wonder is “what am I in for?” Well exactly what I thought……. a brutal beating just the way I like it. Even with all the crunching guitars and evil overtones you still get a great sensibility for rhythm and melody. This band also has a variation of vocal styles (death metal, grind, and hardcore). The lyrics are very well written and are filled with plenty of bloody chunks and rotting corpses. The tracks that really stick out to me are “The Victim” and “Waking the Dead”. They really push the envelope with the track “Bowel Bong” which the song title describes it enough with explanation. Overall if you are looking for a death metal album that is ultra brutal and skins you alive without warning then this is the one for you! For fans of Fleshgrind, Dying Fetus, and Gorgasm.

-Daniel Damnation