SILENCE! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical Review

Well where to start with this twisted musical that is based on the movie "Silence of the Lambs" movie. With track names such as "Put the fucking Lotion in the Basket" and "If I Could Only Smell Her Cunt" you know this is gonna be an intresting listen. Each song has these two guys playing each person from the movie from song to song. These guys are brilliant in a twisted way if you ask me and all the charectors are played very well from Dr. Lecter to Buffalo Bill and everyone in between. If you get a chance go check these guy's bio out on their webpage it is quite intresting to read. All and all if you want something to get into that is just plain funny than you gotta check this one out. Definately the only musical worth ever buying or listening to. Just buy it and see what I mean. Oh by the way are you about a size 14?

-Daniel Damnation