Semargl "Attack On God" Review

Like the very unleashing of a million demons from hell comes Semargl with their debut album "Attack on God". In the past few years if everyone has noticed the black metal genre has went to more of a commercial level and strayed away from it's roots (ie:cradle of filth), but after truly listening to this album, my faith in black metal has been restored. This band brings you an early 90's style of black metal (i.e.: emperor, immortal) with very melodic yet pummeling song structures and plenty of satanic verses. Some of the things I really liked about this album is how the album really has a flow that doesn't bore you half way through the album and how they put the keyboard parts into the songs that actually accentuate the music and what is going on in the song. One other thing I like is that you can hear each instrument clearly without one drowning out the other. These guys also mix it up by having a song that is death metal on here that is titled "The Sign of Chosen Names". Well overall if you want an enjoyable black metal album that doesn't sound like a re-hashed piece of shit look no further and pick this one up.

-Daniel Damnation