NOX "Ixaxaar" Review

Un-like some of the death metal releases as of recent in the scene NOX delivers a more old-school sound that has a more "sledge hammer to the face" style to it, reminicent of older Morbid Angel and Deicide and with a more occult vibe like that of those two bands as well. This band has some really strong drumming that often does rely on blast-beats like most death metal bands, and the guitars have a very in your face sound that mixes with a very whirlwind sound. Throughout the album you get subtle hints of black metal mixed into their overall sound. My favorite tracks off this album were track 4 "Zacar Old Zamran" and track 7 "The Jesus Sect. ", not to say the rest of the album didn't kick ass. Overall this is a very strong release from this death metal killing machine known as NOX!

-Daniel Damnation