Necrodemon "Ice Fields of Hyperion" Review

This is the newest album from the Midwest metal band Necrodemon. From the icy start of this album these guys showed me that there is actually metal bands in my area that is over populated with emo and metalcore posers. On this album these guys keep to what they have always done and that is make metal the way it’s supposed to be: fast, loud, and heavy! Even from the first track you can tell this band likes to experiment with many genres/sub-genres of metal, especially in the vocals. It commonly throughout the album goes in between death grunts and higher pitched screeches. Now when it comes down to the musical part of this album I noticed the sound to be more of a traditional death metal style with hints of thrash and black metal. Overall the album has vocals that are executed very well and switch up, but not in a way to make it sound lame and the musical aspects of this album are well played and have their own originality that I think sticks out and shows this band means business when it comes to music. For fans of Death, Immolation, and Jungle Rot.

-Daniel Damnation