Lost Soul "Chaostream" Review

Chaostream is the third release from these death mongers and all I can think when I listen to this is why didn’t I hear of this band sooner. Lost Soul brings forth a very true and raw death metal style that is unrelenting and uncompromising. On this album these guys know how to bring technical music playing with the pure elements that it takes to make a great death metal band and album. The vocals are brought forth with a guttural attack that you can actually understand what the singer is saying and for this band that is a good thing because the lyrics on this album I think are very well written. Overall I would have to say that this album is definitely on my top ten that have came out in the past few years and it is just and amazingly savage album that tears the heavens part one track at a time. For fans of Vader, Insision, and Morbid Angel.

-Daniel Damnation