Lordi "Arockalypse" Review

By the looks of this album from Lordi all I could think at first is "Is this a new Gwar side project?". Well it of course is not. If you have not heard of Lordi before well they bring a very power rock sound like that of Kiss or AC/DC. This album has some fairly good lyrics and music that delivers a strong hard rock sound, but the only downfall is that about every song sounds that same and tend to become a bit boring after a few listens. With it's weak poits it has it's strong points, such as their overall capability to make their own style of hard rock without being a total copy of the bands they are inspired by and the lyrics are really well written with a monster style to them. Some of the songs that catch my attention more are "Hard Rock Hallelujah" and "The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead". Overall this album is good but I truly don't see it being one you won't take out of your player for a month.

-Daniel Damnationon