Glory In Decay "Midgets Gone Mad" Review

Once again Glory In Decay has released another album ready to crush false death metal. If you are looking for down tuned death metal with inhuman guttural vokills than look no further. Most death metal band that use drum machines tend to suck, but when in come to this band these guys know what the fuck they are doing without making their music sound lame or like jumbled mess. The guitars on this release are very thick and mixed the vocals make a wall of sound that crushes your eardrums. My personal favorite off this album is “Live Embalming” which has a great rhythm to it along with just some great guitar playing. The vocals throughout the album are almost impossible to understand, but help make this album and band what they are and that is just pure and true death metal the way it is supposed to be. Overall this is a great album from the undergrounds best death metal bands! For fans of Mortician, Dismember, and Incantation.

-Daniel Damnation