Gamma Bomb "Citizen Brain" Review

With plenty of thrash bands merging to the surface in the metal scene as apart of the "New Wave of Thrash Metal", there are sure to be a few bands that suck but I can tell you that this band is not one of them. These guys actually shred like the founders of thrash metal. I can say there is never a dull or boring minute while listening to these guys, they seriously thrash it up with a style that is very much like Municipal Waste. With titles like "Bullet Belt" and "Sentenced to Thrash" how could you go wrong! Gamma Bomb truly lay to waste all the bullshit emo and wannabe metal bands out there with a vicious explosion of shreds, lightning fast drums, and vocals that would make Tom Araya proud. Overall I would say if you love thrash with a no bullshit attitude and sound, then you better go out and buy this fucking album and thrash like a maniac!

-Daniel Damnation