Exterminator "Slay Your Kind" Review

Exterminator is Belgium's best kept secret when it come to death metal and if you have not heard about them until now let me be the one to intoduce you to this death metal killing machine! On this album the band delivers an album that bring all the grit and grime of the classic death metal sound and incorporates the more modern thrash metal sound. The lyrics on this album are well written and deal with the subject matters of the nature of humans and alot of "what if" situations like on "Road Crash Rebellion" where they show lyrically what would happen if everyone went mad and started killing one another with cars. The drum and guitars on this album are very tight and rip and tear with an awesome rhythmic style. The vocals stay to a very traditional death metal style and on occasion he lets out some clean vocals like on "Inside the Pyramid". Overall this is a great album that could very well become a classic.

-Daniel Damnation