Exodus "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" Review

Well needless to say this is the newest offering from these thrash metal legends. I was a little scepticle about this album because "Tempo of the Damned" was amazing and the fact that they got a new singer for this one. The lyrical content of the album is very well put together and written. When the opening track "Raze" kicks off it makes you wanna form a good old fashioned circle pit.This album like all the ones before it never lets up and keeps you fired up and trust me you will not get bored half way through the album. Some of my favorite tracks off this album I would have to say are "Altered Boy", "Raze", and "44 Magnum Opus". The whole album is killer and very vicious. If you wanna hear something that will shred and thrash your head off then you really need to checkout this amazing release from Exodus!!!

-Daniel Damnation