Ektomorf "Outcast" Review

This is the newest release from Hungarian metal band Ektomorf and my introduction to this band. From when the first track really starts to kick in I could tell this band is influenced by Sepultura and Soulfly. The music style, vocals, and pretty much down to the lyric writing style are like that of Soulfly. The biggest downfall for this band is that they sound like a clone of soulfly and that is a bad thing to be especially since soulfly has never had a good album. Not to mention when I seen a video of theirs the singer was playing a guitar that is a replica of what Max plays. The album had good production and some not too bad parts in it but it lacks in originality. If you dig bands like Soulfly than you will like this but if you don’t then stay away and I do mean far away! Overall this album was not entertaining and was barely tolerable.

-Daniel Damnation